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"What is means to be a man and to be a woman"

A special invitation for February 2019,
During our women only constellations with Maria in 2018, we opened the gate of what it means to be a woman in a patriarchal world. During the second constellation we went through the gate, finding the stregth in femininity. During this third constellation we gathered to harvest the fruits of ancestral wisdom and experienced a cacao ceremony, feeding the ancestors and receiving their nurturing.
While we are very committed to the empowerment and liberation of patterns that repress women in a patriarchal world, we stronmgly care for the wellbeing of our men and the relationships with them. We want to walk together towards unity, understanding and cultivating positive patterns and role models of positive masculinity and femininity.
Are you ready to explore the questions and challenges of being a mand and being a woman in a patriarchal world?
Are you ready to challenge the system of patriarchy itself?

This workshop family and system-constellations lead by Maria Schilt in cooperation with Nadia Duran and Hilda Wieland, founders of CUNA Women’s Sanctuary, will bring you to your place of power and connect you with the energy that is the ground of human existence.

The results you can expect of this session is insights and liberation from tight bounds and the reinforcement of the lineage source in your male and female ancestor field. In this workshop we will also investigate our inner man and inner woman.
What does she/he have to tell us?
Does she/he strengthens us or disproves the balance we need to make new history?
So that HIS-story gets a counterbalance of HER-story and the embodiment in feminine form of wisdom and leadership can be lived by us men and women.

This workshop provides a safe holding environment for investigation for clearing blockages in your personal, family, relational, work and collective field.



Patriarchy as a system of control gives us ideal images that we know only too well.
What we do now to liberate ourselves from the collective images imposed on us of what it is to be a man and a woman has an effect on future generations. We are the ones who have to create new images in our lives so that we inspire each other and young men and women, boys and girls to claim their space. Not according to patriarchal rules, but according to the sacred rules that protect life and bring it further, without destruction of our ecosystem.

I work from an unknown territory, an area that is unmapped, according to female philosophers and critics of the foundations of our culture: the black hole of "The Feminine" experience that can be invisible, unexpressed and only conceived in today's culture.

This is old-fashioned feminism: the radical practice of the co-existence of men and women. I would like to emphasize that all forms of expression female / male androgynous and sexual expression can find their space in my constellations. I do not see male and female as opposed but as cooperating and complementary. The qualities attributed to male and female are largely culturally determined (for ten thousand years predominantly patriarchal, so from the primacy of the fatherly, masculine organized). In the West and in China the feminine is seen as receptive, dark and passive, in the metaphysics of the Vedas of ancient India it is Shiva (male) that is the silent point of consciousness and Shakti, (feminine) is the creative moving principle. The Indian and Tibetan pantheon of goddesses and dakinis is active, powerful and even frightening.
However, we do not see that power in the societies that worship those goddesses still now. Also in ancient Greece and Rome who worshiped many strong feminine Goddesses, the women were without the same rights as men, which leads to the thought that there is a separation and disconnect from the sacred, spiritual and archetypal wisdom those Goddesses reflect upon us and what we as women are embodying in our current days.

To connect, to find space, to reflect on our deepest relationship with being a man and being a woman and to find an emancipating en empowering expression of it in your life, these workshop are conducted. The Constellation workshops in 2018 that Maria led created a fireball of liberation and healing for the participants and bringing this further is our motivation with this work.

Participants are invited to send in their personal themes one week in advance to Maria at (via email in Dutch or English: Maria@amsterdamyogacentre.nl) You can write a question, a story, an issue or desires that you have for the constellation work. We encourage you to prepare your themes by Friday Friday 1st of February 2019.

Price per person including cacao:
80 Euros p.p.
70 Euros p.p. if you register together with a friend

Installments and one scholarship (attendance at reduced rate) are possible per event. Please request via email at welcome@cunaforwomen.com

Payment Details (please pay by Friday 25 January to secure your spot):


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Maria Josephina Schilt has 50 plus years of experience as a psychiatric nurse and therapist,

a field that was her calling from a young age. Maria is also a passionate and dedicated student

and teacher of yoga, ayurveda, meditation and buddhism and an outspoken advocate of

feminine work (sisterhood, circles, female leadership) to bring balance between masculine and


Maria has given and trained people in the family constellation system therapy for many

years, being herself trained by the first generation of facilitators and by the founder of the family

constellation system internationally. She has prepared herself extensively in this field and brings

a unique combination of personal and professional wisdom to guide participants through a safe

and insightful journey.

After retiring and taking a sabbatical period, Maria has kindly offered to bring her family

constellation work to CUNA as part of our efforts to provide tools for women who aim to find a

space to process and heal, supported and guided by the professional and personal skills

Maria brings and in cooperation with Hilda and Nadia who will be present to hold the space

and support participants.

‘The way of the Buddha is to know yourself,
to know yourself, is to forget yourself
to forget yourself is to be awakened by all things’




Family and system constellations are a relatively new method for revealing subconscious belief patterns, which drive the behaviour of individuals and groups.


During a constellation in a group setting one goes beyond psychological diagnoses or looking at personality-traits, or interpersonal conflict as the cause of human difficulties.

The facilitator of the constellation has more the focus on the movement of the soul of the system as a whole.

This system can be a family, a relationship, an organization, a culture, country or club, or society.

Since 20 years this method became very popular as a method for working in groups and moved out of the field of therapy to organizations, political, social, educational and creative work. 


A constellation is always crafted out of a sincere question or difficulty a person is living with.

By asking members of the group to represent your mother or father, your sister, your boss, or your emotions, the system is placed in the room and is asked to reveal itself. What representative’s experience becomes the information to build a new movement in the system.  We work in the field of past, present and future, out of the linear time into the timelessness of bonds of blood, fate and love.

Beyond our every-day view and problem solving skills, a constellation can lead us to a deeper understanding of the underlying patterns that govern our lives.


From the very beginning I encountered this work in 1999 I knew this would open a total new possibility for personal en collective issues that held me back as human being to thrive.

In the last 20 years I witnessed, as a participant, student and since 2005 as a facilitator many real transformations in men and women and how they shape their relationships and work. And even more important: how they stop to perpetuate the systemic difficulties from their culture and family of origin to their children and their intimate relationships. 


This work is a great possibility to step out of our ‘talking heads’ out of the narrative we tell ourselves and to break bonds that tie us to blind entanglements. It is a great complement to other personal work: psychotherapy, mediation or positive psychology.


I learned to work with this method after a carrier of 35 years in psychiatry and mental health organizations. I learned from the first generation of facilitators in the Netherlands, was very fortunate to be able to study at the Hellinger institute and being able to follow workshops with the founder himself and also studying and working in close relationship with excellent facilitators from the Netherlands and abroad.


In the last 13 years I gave workshops family and system constellations in Amsterdam and Zutphen.

I also gave two and three day workshops with special themes: ‘the return of the soul’, ‘the language of the soul’, ‘the voice of the soul’, ‘how do I want to live?’ to name a view. Next to that I gave two workshops with a theme: ‘how love flourishes’ and the ‘language of love’.


This themes, I see a returning thread in my live and in my work: I see a deep longing in people to live their best’s lives, to understand themselves and to be able to sustain healthy relationships and to put their unique talents into the world.

A day in a family and system constellations group can give you new insights in yourself and others, bring you to a new movement in your live and accept the past and your inheritance, to take the freedom to find your own expression of who you really are.





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