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Womb Blessing Ceremony

This event is a group ceremony with limited availability where each woman will receive an individual blessing by Valeria Alberigo, a visiting facilitator certified to give the womb blessings based on the teachings of Miranda Gray, author of "Red Moon" who has also trained many women worldwide to transmit the womb blessing with care to other women.


What is the purpose of a womb blessing?


"A healthy Womb holds the key to our sense of wholeness and fulfilment as women. Our Womb is the energetic core of our being as women: it is our root and our inner powerhouse. Millennia of patriarchy have caused both men and women to suppress, neglect or simply forget the incredible potential that lies in our wombs.

Our womb also energetically carries the imprint of traumatic past experiences and ancestral memories."


What story does your womb wish to tell?


We brush our teeth regularly and take good care of our basic hygiene, how about our womb? It is hidden inside us exactly because it is a very precious part of our being!


It is my honour to support you in restoring vibrant health and wellbeing in your femininity by offering Womb Blessing and Womb Healing according to the energy healing modality introduced by Miranda Gray." Valeria Alberigo


What is a Womb Blessing?


The Womb Blessing is a wonderful gift to yourself. It is a gentle, yet powerful reiki-style Energy Activation modality that helps to:


- Awaken repressed and dormant aspects of the feminine potential (creativity,abundance,sexuality)


- Gradually heal and balance the patterns and blocks that lie within women’s cyclic nature.


- Clear ancestral trauma, passed down through the mother line or collective.


- Energise the womb energy centre, returning depleted energy and bringing completeness.


- Experience self-love, self-acceptance, harmony and self-empowerment.


- Confirm and validate women’s femininity, their sense of who they truly are and grant the freedom to be female in all its wonderful expressions.


For whom is a womb blessing?


The womb Blessing is for all women (who have had their first cycle), with or without a womb or a cycle. Each blessing builds on the previous.

If you are looking to reconnect and find a sacred and guided space to explore and reconnect with your womb in a temple-style and ceremonial way, this is for you.


How will the ceremony be held?


13:00 Drumming, welcoming in a women's circle

13:30 Womb Yoga & group meditation

14:00 Preparation to receive blessing

14:15 Individual Blessings & group womb art*

15:45 Ceremonial Cacao drink

16:30 Closing


* Each woman will be taken separately to receive the individual transmission of the blessing by Valeria and with assitance of another facilitator. After the blessing is received, each woman will be placed in a resting spot to assimilate and integrate the experience. The remaning participants will be guided into a silence womb art meditation and/or journalling


About the ceremony closing and deaprture:


What to bring?


- Two small bows to drink water during the blessing and the cacao afterwards

- Asmall comfortable head pillow,

- Either a yogamat, sheepskin or a beachtowel to lie on and

- A cozy blanket

- Comfortable clothes and layers (it might get cold or warm for you)

- Some healthy treat to offer to the altar for sharing with each other afterwards

- A journal and coloring pencials or art material of your choice


Note: we might be able to provide blankets, props and yogamats but it is best to bring your personal items that are familiar and dear to you when doing ceremonial events.


How to prepare?


- Please track your menstrual cycle (if you are bleeding regularly or irregularly, all is welcome) in preparation to the event

- Please eat warm and nourishing food before the ceremony (ideally between 11:30-12:30)



Limited spots, a maximum of 8 women

Please reserve your spot and pay by Tuesday 1st of October using the tickets link in this event page or via email at



The price of this event is 125 Euros (includes 21% BTW)



25 Euros off the price (100 p.p.) if you register together with a friend or relative.



There is one spot available for someone to assist in the ceremony and receive a 50% discount. Please send a motivation letter to apply at




Valeria is dedicated to walk the Mystical path of the Sacred Feminine. She has a lifelong love for dancing and the healing arts. Over the last 20 years, she has trained in a variety of healing modalities and conscious movement practices. She holds women's circles and feminine embodiment workshops in Scotland and internationally. She is a qualified 'Moon Mother' and offers Womb Healing/Womb Blessing sessions. She has recently qualified as a breath work practitioner.

She is a mother of two boys and lives within the Findhorn Community in Scotland.


What does previous clients have to say?


“Valeria created a sacred space in which womanhood is cherished. From this place, challenges and emotional scars were able to be healed. She is an experienced and wonderful guide on this journey” Ellen, H.


"I did a private womb blessing with Valeria and found myself in a very calm and safe environment under her care. I have explored my womb from the physical to the spiritual realms for years, I follow menstrual cycle awareness and a holistic life to support my womb's health. The womb blessing was recommended to me by a few women to further connect and support my womb healing. I have noticed a change in my menstrual cycle after the ceremony and above all, an empathic awareness of the limiting thoughts I used to hold about my feminine body and a deeper love to my womb. I am very thankful for having received the blessing from a gifted healer as Valeria"

Nadia Duran, co-founder of CUNA








Monthly Women's Circle (in Amsterdam Tussen de Bogen location)

A women's circle is a gathering of women with the purpose of connecting to the sacred feminine represented by each other, the sacred feminine which is found when women get together with the same intentions and in a space of empathic listening and witnessing, in trust and without competition. There is usually a facilitator who takes care of the space, structure, and basic communication rules (in this circle we use non-violent communication inspired language, no advice is given, no lessons are taught, we listen and witness each other and explore body awareness tools).

Structure of the Circle


Usually we have the same structure for the circles as this creates familiarity in the group of what to expect. Sometimes however the structure is slightly altered in order. For example sometimes we will do embodiment practices which require movement after the theme exploration rather than before.

We often seat (but not always) according to our menstrual cycle or life cycle, face to face and then proceed in the following order:

Check-in (15-20 min)
Body Awareness/Tribal Dance (15-20 min)
Cauldron (20 - 30 min)
Theme Exploration (30 min)
Closing (30 min includes relaxation)

Commitment to the circle

You are welcome to explore whether the women’s circles are something for you or not of course, You can join one-time as try-out, open to everyone to explore. After one session we ask for commitment to join as often as it is possible. Commitment in a circle is however beyond attendance, it requires that your intention is to weave the fabric together, with each other. It means that you want to belong to a circle and are ready and open for it. Seeing the same faces in every circle helps build trust, an essential element to create a safe and deep exploration and to witness each other. Therefore I ask participants to commit to join as many sessions as it is possible (there will be a total of 5 sessions from March to June).

Time and Date for Cuna's upcoming Women's Circles

To be announced shortly


Tussen de Bogen 95, Amsterdam
at Studio 95


Donation based according to your possibilities and willingness.
(Suggested donation 15-20 Euros per circle)

First Time

The first time through registration only; it is an opportunity for discovery, you can consider it a try-out circle. If you would like to proceed with the following sessions then I kindly ask you to commit to 3 more sessions.


Registration is mandatory at least 24 hours before the event (by Friday morning10.00 am).
To register please go to:



Once registered, cancellation is possible at fee of 10 Euros (invoiced to you after the event). Please take this into account when registering.

Additional detail about Content

Check-in: A moment to introduce ourselves and share where we are at that moment.

Body Awareness/Tribal Dance: We ground our bodies and build a women's tribe ambiance by dancing the mundane activities into sacred movements of connection and nurturing. For instance we dance collecting water together. No dance experience necessary. We also use yoga movements to connect to our body.

Cauldron: We bring our intentions and meditate on them (meditation can be seated or moving and might vary from session to session). Imagine this is a moment where we are gathering around the fire present for ourselves and each other, here we can share more deeply what we bring on that day or one can choose to only listen.

Theme: The theme is a topic chosen to explore a certain sacred aspect that is often relevant in women circles.

Upcoming themes for our circles are:

To be announced shortly


Customer Reviews


"Women circle that touched my heart. It was a great experience and I will surely come for more. Nadia is gentle leading the group in safe environment. It all comes together in few hours - connection with femininity, yoni and your inner being, with ancestors, with your own playfulness and creativity, dance, sisterhood, sharing.. An experience to remember!"

Tatjana Bozic, Amsterdam 31-03-2019

"Beautiful gathering and sharing. I really loved it!"

Daniella Pontes, Amsterdam 9-03-2019

About the facilitator

"As a yoga teacher I have been facilitating spaces of self-exploration for the past 10 years with a more committed focus on work with women during the last three years. The women's circles were born as a personal need to restore my own connection with femininity and sisterhood. As a facilitator I use inspiration from many resources that have sustained my journey such as: yoga, meditation, non-violent communication, storytelling, folk tales, intuitive dance, trauma sensitive body movement, gender studies, bellydancing and tribal dances to ground the body and create connection and enjoyment amongst women. My intention is to continue to weave the fabric sustaining women in a nurturing way so that we can assist each other in our reconnection to: The Sacred Feminine.”



06-30985803 (Dutch)

06-54653948 (English)


Studio 95

Tussen de Bogen 95,

1013 JB Amsterdam

Yoga Studio Navaflow

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