What our customers say...

"Women circle that touched my heart. It was a great experience and I will surely come for more. Nadia is gentle leading the group in safe environment. It all comes together in few hours - connection with femininity, yoni and your inner being, with ancestors, with your own playfulness and creativity, dance, sisterhood, sharing.. An experience to remember!"

Tatjana Bozic, Amsterdam 31-03-2019

"Beautiful gathering and sharing. I really loved it!"

Daniella Pontes, Amsterdam 9-03-2019

"Love it! The connection with yourself and with other women to empower the world"

Luz Daria Schilt, 29-05-2018



06-30985803 (Dutch)

06-54653948 (English)


Studio 95

Tussen de Bogen 95,

1013 JB Amsterdam

Yoga Studio Navaflow

IJburglaan 293

1086ZJ Amsterdam



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