Feminine Vitality and Cyclical Productivity for Corporate Women

CUNA provides inspiring trainings for women in the corporate environment, from both the employer and the employee side on how to balance and increase female vitality (energy and vitality based on the cyclical nature of the female body). This training can be easily given in the corporate location or off-site either in a condensed 90 minutes version or up to half-day time-frame, as a one-time event or in multiple sessions. 

During this fun and energizing training that involves theory, movement and team-building, we bring up efficient and sustainable ways to optimize work and restore work-life balance based on the cyclicality of the feminine nature. We provide effective physical practices for stress management and energizing the body that can be practiced at work and at home. Our passion is to connect women with the wisdom of their body to restore vitality and well-being by sharing tools, practices and assist women in demanding careers on the best way for them to manage energy levels and cultivate vitality on a daily basis.

Nadia Duran (English),  Restorative Yoga Teacher, Feminine Dance, Feminine Vitality Coach

Veronica Berezowsky (English), Menstruality Coach, Dance Movement Therapist, Yoga Teacher


Stress management and vitality for men and women

CUNA’s team has direct and personal experience with deep relaxation and vitality practices, burn-out, corporate dynamics as well as with holistic practices for stress management and deep restorative tools. This is not a work-out only but also a work-in based on yoga, movement and mindfulness given at the work-place in a company friendly set-up to practice short yet powerful deep-relaxation and revitalizing options during working hours. The sessions are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.


Hilda Wieland (Nederlands), Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Coach, Therapist

Nadia Duran (English),  Restorative Yoga Teacher, Stress Management & Feminine Vitality Coach



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