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Feminine Tribe Blessing (for the “Bride to Be” / Bachelorette Ceremony)

If you are looking for a special, meaningful and emotional way to celebrate and honor a bride-to be, this might be for you.

This ceremony is a moment to celebrate and honor a woman to be married in a sensual (not sexual) and emotional way. The participants dance together led by facilitator but also guided into their own freedom dance (sensual, pleasurable, playful and fun). The participants circle dance around the bride-to-be, carry her, bless her and enjoy a lovely and fun connection amongst women.

How long does it take? 

Ceremony Only Package 150 minutes 

Full Package (includes meal and massage) 240 Minutes

What to expect?

  • Connection, Fun, Inspiration, Sisterhood, Gratitude and Sacredness

  • Feminine dance (a blend based on holistic Balladi (also colloquially called bellydance), Tribal and Latin-American)

  • Circle Dance (this is touching moving meditation)

  • Sisterhood Blessing (this is a guided bonding moment)

  • In full-package: Massage (participants massage the bride to be guided by facilitator)

  • In full-package: Meal (of your choice and pleasure ceremony)


Sacred Passage into Menopause 

This is a variation of the Feminine Tribe Blessing adapted to menopause instead of “bride-to-be” which includes feminine cycle education (the life cycle of menstruation and the meaning of menopause from the menstrual awareness movement)


Sacred Passage into Motherhood 

This is a variation of the Feminine Tribe Blessing adapted to “mother-to-be” instead of  “bride-to-be” which is an emotional welcoming of motherhood in the witnessing and supporting setting of sisterhood.



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