CUNA is a safe space for women to bond in sisterhood. We hold a sacred space to nurture the physical and emotional body of women through yoga, dance and female cycle awareness.

our mission


We CRADLE a sacred space for women. Holding each other gently and supportively, taking time to listen to each other's needs and facilitating supportive practices for our physical, emotional and energy body.


We CONNECT to ourselves and to one another. In all our events we gather in Circle, acknowledging our and each other's presence, checking-in our and each other’s mood (all emotions are welcome at CUNA) and greeting one another.


We CARE about the cyclicality of nature. We provide restoring options during menstruation and any other period that requires special attention. During our events we mentor cycle awareness by discussing the wisdom of the different seasons of the year, the changing phases of the moon, the cycles of womanhood (maiden time, reproductive years, perimenopause, menopause) and the chages during each menstrual phase (pre-ovulation, ovulation, pre-menstrual, menstruation).   


We CELEBRATE womanhood: our (cyclical) bodies, all of our emotions and life stages. We do this through yoga and dance movement based practices, through creativity, imagination and play, by opening to our senses (through music, essential oils, touch, a colourful environment, tasty treats), and by facilitating holistic practices and truthful dialogue.

Wieland (Ijburg-Amsterdam)

Hilda is co-founder and mindfulness coach/yoga therapist at CUNA, mother of two daughters and owner of studio Navaflow in Ijburg. Hilda is an enterpreneur at heart, having had many business in Amsterdam she eventually struggled with serious heart disease at a young age, founding yoga as a vehicle to recover and reconnect to her body and heart's health. For over a decade she has dedicated herself fully to practice and study of mindfulness, yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, Ayurveda, Reiki and massage to pass on the teachings that were so powerful to her.

With the intention to create a supportive circle of trust amongst women, she founded this sanctuary and continues to teach events and classes in Amsterdam.

Hilda is a certified mindfulness coach, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reikie massage therapist, women's circle facilitator and brings a soothing energy in her classes in the Ijburg area of Amsterdam.

Duran (Amsterdam-Utrecht)

Nadia is co-founder, operations manager and events facilitator at CUNA, mother of a young child and working as a finance professional for over a decade, she understands the demands of having a busy career, building a family and the difficult search for work/life balance and self-development as a woman. Motherhood was for her an eye opening experience to the unique needs of cyclical living for women, empowerment and sisterhood. With the intention to facilitate a space for community building, feminine leadership, body-awareness and nurturing practices, she co-founded this sanctuary and facilitates events, circles and clases.

Nadia holds an engineering and a master's degree, she is an experienced and certified hatha yoga teacher, certified dancing for birth instructor, trained in yoga therapy and trauma sensitive yoga and specializes in feminine and tribal dance, pelvic fitness, yoga for burnout, feminine leadership and community building.

BerezoWskY (Vancouver - Canada)

Veronica is co-founder and menstrual educator at CUNA and creatrix of Cyclical Wisdom and the red tent movement in Amsterdam, a dancer from an early age, the exploration of body movement led her to yoga, dance therapy and ultimately awareness of feminine inner rythms. Having had extensive professional experience as a finance officer managing fundraising for NGOs, she knows to the core the demands of a busy career in relation to the cyclicality of women's bodies. This fact led her to the exploration of menstrual wisdom and development of educational courses and coaching in this field.

Veronica has a university and a master's degree, she is a certified dance therapist, menstruality educator and coach, moon mother, women's circle facilitator and yoga teacher based in Vancouver. She provides embodied mentoring and inspiration to women in search of reconnecting to their cyclicality as a path for empowerment. balance and leadership.




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